United Airlines Minor Policy

United Airlines Minor Policy – Traveling with children is awesome. If you’re thinking of registering for a United Airlines flight with kids, here’s the full guide for you. In this dedicated piece, you will learn all about theUnited Airlines minor policy to prevent woes and doubts extensively.

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United Airlines Minor Policy

It is always an exciting moment to travel with children. However, it is also unpredictable to carry on with the journey flawlessly. United Airlines is committed to making your trip comfortable and blissful for the whole family. It suggests passengers review United Airlines policies concerning kids and infants before boarding a flight. You will get to enjoy a journey as safe and smooth as possible.

United Airlines comes to be amongst the low-cost carriers based in the United States of America. It started operations in 1931 and now the company has emerged as the top-class airline in the USA.

Further, the air carrier operates a large trap of domestic and international flights across the United States and 6 other continents. In terms of fleet size and the number of routes, it is the 3rd largest airline worldwide. It traces its headquarter at Wills Tower in Chicago, Illinois.

About United Airlines Minor Policy

United Airlines promises its clientele to serve them with world-class travel facilities at the lowest possible costs. As far as the United minor policy is concerned, you will again have remarkable support from the carrier side.

It compiles different laws and regulations for children’s transport under versatile scenarios. The in-hand guide is to dwell on various fronts falling under the minor policy of the airline. Let’s proceed ahead to learn comprehensive details about the same.

Major Highlights of the United Airlines Minor Policy

 Children aged 5 years or less aren’t allowed to board a flight alone. They need to be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years.

 Further, children aged 5 to 14 (including) can travel alone as Unaccompanied Minors. It is mandatory to opt for the unaccompanied Minor Service.

 Children aging between 15 to 17 (including) can’t avail of the Unaccompanied Minor Service. They can travel alone on any United Airlines or United Express flight.

 In case two or more kids travel together, the restrictive policies will apply. For instance, when a 10-year and 16-year kids travel together, the younger is still considered as an Unaccompanied Minor.

 You can book a flight for your child via online or offline methods. Your child will get a seat where they can get proper attention from the flight attendant.

 Children aged between 5 to 15 can travel only on the nonstop United Airlines flights.

 Similarly, they’re not allowed to travel on connecting flights. They may also catch the last nonstop flight of the day.

 The airline also imposes some fees when you hire the unaccompanied Minor Service.

What is United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service?

Younger kids traveling alone (without a parent or legal guardian) are signified as Unaccompanied Minors. United Airlines has an Unaccompanied Minor Service for such minors who are traveling alone. It is to ensure the maximum safety of solo kids.

Through this service, the airline makes sure that your child is boarded the flight, introduced to and assisted by the flight attendant, and handed over to the appropriate person upon reaching the destination.

Furthermore, the UMS is compulsory for kids aging 5 to 15 traveling alone. However, children aged 16 or older will travel as unaccompanied minors. Similarly, the carrier doesn’t allow kids below 5 to travel without an adult.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee

Well, the airline charges unaccompanied minors US$150 per kid each way. But the good news is that two kids traveling together will bear the single (US$150) in each direction.

Similarly, up to 4 kids and 6 kids traveling together will bear the service fee for each direction as US$300 and US$450, respectively. You can pay the fee at the reservation time or at the airport during check-in before departure.

In case you need more info on this concern, kindly dial 1-885-748-2064. You can talk to the airline representatives to discuss your trouble 24×7.

How Can You Book a United Airlines Flight for Your Child?

United Airlines offers a couple of ways for passengers to reserve a flight for children – Online and Offline.

Under the online procedure, you can visit the united.com website to select the advanced search option. Now, enter the number of adults as 0. Further, you can select the number of kids traveling in each age range.

As per the offline method, you can call the United Airlines customer care executive at 1-855-748-2064. Remember, you will have to pay an additional US$25 as booking service charges while making reservations via a call center.

United Airlines Infant Policy

 Passengers traveling with an infant (up to 24 months) don’t need to book a separate seat. They can travel with an infant on the lap. But visitors must need to inform the airline that they’ll be traveling with an infant on the lap.

 While traveling domestically, an infant under 24 months can travel for free (or nominal charges) in the adult passenger’s lap.

 But in case you’re migrating internationally, a child under 2 years is usually charged 10% of an adult passenger fare plus taxes.

 However, infants will pay only the tax amount when they are traveling between the USA and Canada only.

 Customers will have to buy a ticket for an infant for any flight when the infant will be over 2 years during the flight.

 Furthermore, passengers will be given an approved infant car seat on the flight during the booking. It must be an FAA-approved child safety seat device.

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