Sun Country Airlines Name Correction Policy

Sun Country Airlines Name Correction Policy – Getting name misspelt on the Sun Country ticket and want to correct it? Here’s the right guide for you. Sun Country Airlines name correction policy allows passengers to change or correct their name after the booking. This blog motives to explain every corner of the policy to let you proceed with the process worry-free.

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With 43 aircraft in the fleet, Sun Country Airlines is one of the major and low-fare carriers in the United States. It commenced operations in January 1983 with a headquarter in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The airline incorporates a massive network of around 86 passenger routes across domestic and international destinations. It serves visitors to global places, including the United States, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. In terms of scheduled passengers carried, Sun Country Airlines is the 11th largest air travel provider in the USA.

About Sun Country Airlines Name Correction Policy

It is a general event when passengers enter their name incorrectly in the flight reservation form. Sometimes, people make errors only in a single letter (or letters) or misspelled the whole name. though it seems a common and tiny mistake initially, you can end up in overwhelming frustration eventually.

In case you have made such a silly mistake while making a reservation, you have the freedom to change or correct it. Like many other air carriers, Sun Country also allows esteemed passengers to make necessary corrections in the name or address. It advocates a flexible policy that involves simple steps and procedures to get things in the right format painlessly.

Further, Sun Country visitors can make amendments to the reservation before the departure date. They can modify bookings to correct names as per the guidelines prescribed by the airline.

There’re different scenarios that lead you to change/correct your name on the ticket. First, you might be looking forward to correcting the hand-made mistakes. Secondly, you would also need to change your name on the ticket in case your legal name has been changed after marriage/divorce etc.

Likewise, Sun Country customers will have plenty of options to get along with the name modification process. In this guide, we will describe each one individually to put them in the light for you.

What Sun Country Airlines States in the name Correction Policy?

According to the Sun Country name correction policy, customers are committed to making efforts as per the following guidelines:

 They can make corrections in a single letter of the name.

 In case changes in the name aren’t possible, they need to purchase a new ticket.

 Further, customers need to inform the airline representatives in the event of legal name changes such as marriage or divorce, etc. However, they need to obtain a marriage/divorce certification to trigger the process.

 Passengers must keep the same flight route as mentioned on the ticket while making name amendments.

How to Change/Correct the name with Sun Country Airlines?

As the blog has presented earlier, Sun Country approves numerous name correction methods for customers’ convenience. They can opt for any of them as per their preferences.

Broadly, we can divide these procedures into two categories –

 Online

 Offline

Let’s take time to mull over each of them to discover further.

Sun Country Name Correction Online

With internet technologies in the dominating position, you can make name corrections over the web. It is the frequently used method whether you’re making flight reservations, cancellations, or checking-in.

When it comes to correcting names online, you can do so either by visiting the company’s official website or mobile app. You can access the website and then proceed to the respective section for the purpose. It is the easiest way to make the required changes in names by sitting right at home.

Sun Country Airlines Name Correction Offline

As per offline procedures, the most-extensively used way is to approach the airline customer care number. Just pick your phone up and dial the Sun Country Airlines customer service number 1-855-748-2064.

Once your call is connected, a customer care executive will ask you for necessary details alongside your booking/reservation number and passenger’s last name. Provide them with accurate details to get the right things in place.

Additionally, you can also visit the customer service center or kiosk for the same motive. In that scenario, don’t forget to take a marriage or divorce certificate with you for legal name changes. In order to travel with any airline legitimately, your name on the ticket and government-issued ID must match without a single distraction.

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