Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy – Wondering how to change/correct name with Hawaiian airlines reservation? Here’s the ideal place for you. This post comes with a motive of assisting readers with the Hawaiian Airlines name correction policy. You will round up the thorough information regarding each nitty-gritty of the system.

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Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy

Everyone is free to change his/her name at any time. Certain circumstances occur when we do need to change/correct the name in the flight reservation. Sometimes, people think it a process full of hassles, conundrums and time-consuming.

Well, it may come somewhat trickier if you don’t follow the legal procedures as prescribed by the specific airline. Otherwise, almost all air carriers keep simple and easy-to-follow name correction policies to help customers in this regard.

When it comes to Hawaiian Airlines, it is the largest airline based in the Hawaii state of the USA. Overall, it is the 10th largest commercial air carrier in the United States with the primary station based at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. It also manages a crew base at Los Angeles International Airport.

Established in 1929, Hawaiian Airlines is one of the oldest companies in the USA. It carries a stigma-free history as the company has never experienced a fatal accident or a hull loss. Hawaiian is also amongst airlines with the fewest cancellations, baggage, and other kinds of issues.

What About the Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Like other players in the American aviation industry, Hawaiian Airlines also allows customers to make corrections in the name.

Sometimes, people write their names incorrectly while reserving a flight ticket. On the other hand, you may also do need to change your name in certain scenarios such as marriage, divorce, or legal name change. However, you need to submit a legal/authenticated document carrying the new name.

As per TSA guidelines, your name on the ticket and the government-granted ID should match precisely if you want to travel via the air. Hence, you need to correct the misspelled name before you board the flight to avoid any possible dispute ahead.

While making name corrections with Hawaiian Airlines, you will have a flexible system to go through. The air carrier understands the criticality of the moment and provides a smooth and straightforward process to visitors. According to the Hawaiian name correction policy, you can change/correct your name or accidental mistakes.

How to Change/Correct the Name on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

As we have described earlier, the USA-based Hawaiian Airlines carries a convenient process for passengers to make name corrections. The company feels happy to help you with legal name changes and accidental misspellings. However, it also imposes some charges for the same.

According to the airline officials, the Hawaiian ticket number consists of 13 digits beginning with 173. In case your ticket doesn’t contain 173 in the starting, you must contact the airline or the travel outlet from which you registered the ticket.

Now is the time to get into the steps you can follow to make necessary changes in the ticket name. The TSA mentions that the name on the ticket should essentially match with that on your government-issued photo ID. Hence, you need to approach the airline in case you have changed your name or booked your ticket incorrectly.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Over Phone

One of the simplest ways to make changes in the name is to call the Hawaiian Airlines reservation department. You can dial 1-855-748-2064 any time around the clock to carry on with the procedure freely.

The following are different scenarios, for which you can seek help:

 Legal Name Change: People can change the name on the ticket after marriage and divorce etc. You can call the reservation department number to tell them about your situation. The customer care representative will ask you to submit the supporting document to roll the process further. Therefore, you should ready with the legal document (marriage/divorce certificate).

 Misspelling: In case you get your name misspelled on your ticket, you can still seek help at 1-855-748-2064.The relieving news is that no documentation is required in most cases. The airline is also happy to help you if you just need to add a middle name or change from your nickname to the full name.

 Others: If you’re thinking of transferring your ticket to someone else, Hawaiian Airlines will not allow you. According to the airline’s policy, tickets are strictly non-transferrable.

Supporting Documents for Name Correction/Change

When you approach Hawaiian Airlines in order to make necessary modifications in your name, you’re required to submit essential documentation. The airline accepts the following documents as proof:

 Marriage Certificate

 Court Orders

 Divorce Decree

 Passport

 Other Legal Document

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Fee

There’s always some penalty for making corrections in the name on the ticket. Hawaiian also imposes certain charges for the same service.

In case you’ve bought the ticket from a third-party agent, the airline will ask you to pay US$25 per ticket as a service fee.

But on the other side, for visitors who have booked tickets through the airline itself, eligible name changes carry no fee or nominal charges.

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