Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy

Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy-Making reservations for air travel is easier nowadays. People fly in air jets with going through such a fuss. What happens if you are asked to wait at the check-in point at the airport? Then you come to know that the reason was the name spelling on the flight reservation does not match with your documents. Silly spelling errors and legal change of name are the causes of why people face the ordeal. This post is written only focusing on the Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy.

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Many airlines restrict the feature of the name change on air tickets. They simply ask you to cancel the reservations.  But that’s not the case with Allegiant Air. Allegiant Airlines allow name change only under specific scenarios like spelling mistakes, legal name change. For a successful correction of the name of passengers with reservations, they must submit valid documents and proofs. All other documents like passport, driver license must then be updated.

Allegiant Airlines offers travel options from US famous cities to global destinations. This airline makes the customer experience leisure travel at affordable airfares and their own convenience. Ultra budget-friendly fares, non-stop flights, and premium travel experience are the factors that have Allegiant Airlines to be the choice of many Americans and customers all over the world. Allegiant airlines ensure all-round travel experience of every customer to be memorable and without hassle.

Allegiant Air was founded in 1997 with legal certification from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). This permits the airline to fly the scheduled and charter airline operations throughout the U.S. Allegiant also has proper paperwork to charter flights to Canada and Mexico.

About Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

As such, Allegiant has no prospects for allowing name change of passengers in flight reservations at the spot. Still, it does not harm if you get in touch with Allegiant Airlines customer service. They will offer the best assistance depending on your situation.

The airline guides that the successful name change on flight reservations will depend on the type of name change requested. The name corrections policy strictly prohibits the transfer of airline tickets to another person. If the customer is in a dilemma if the name corrections will be successfully made. Allegiant Airlines then advise the passenger to cancel the flight using the “manage travel” option available on the website.

The name corrections on reservations can be carried out if there is a legal name change or misspelling of the name of the passenger on the flight reservation. Airlines advise passengers to contact customer support as early as possible. The names will then be entered as it appears on the legal documents with photo ID like passport, driver’s license.

How to make requests for name correction on Allegiant Airlines reservation?

There are two ways by which the customer can make a successful request for a name correction with Allegiant Airlines. The final decision of allowing the correction depends on the discretion of the Airline and the type of name correction you are requesting.

The first way – As soon as you come to know about the mistakes of reservation regarding the name change. Without any delay, try contacting the Allegiant Airline and inform them about the problem. The airline might ask you for the confirmation number of the flight reservation. So, keep that number in proximity. Let them know if you had a change of legal name, got the last name in the first place, and the first name at last place, or a slight misspelling of your name.

The second method – Try putting a request for name correction using an online medium of communication.

1. Visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines from the web browser of your smartphone or computer.

2. After landing on the Allegiant Air homepage, look for the ‘Manage Travel’ option that allows you to make a change to the itinerary. Click on it.

3. In the next step, you can makes changes in the itinerary using different methods. The request can be made either by email, confirmation code, or credit/debit card.

4. The page will then display the message asking you to type in the details of reservations like the first and last name of the passenger along with the confirmation to move forward with the name correction request.

5. As soon as reservation details are surfaced, the name change of a passenger to a certain limit is allowed. Only some letters of the name are allowed for change. The ticket is not transferrable to any other person in any circumstance

6. If you are still facing trouble with making changes to the ticket, it can then be canceled and rebooked with correct details within the same section.

7. All changes are permissible that are made within 24 hours of booking. Requesting for name correction after 24hours of the booking will need you to pay a certain amount as a change fee

8. You need to make sure that the corrected name of passengers with the reservation must match the name mentioned in government ID proofs.

In the end, customers will receive an email or text from the airline with a new e-ticket of updated information.

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