Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy – Southwest Airline with its best suited and cost-effective flight ticket change policy at no charges. One of the top giants in USA airlines is Southwest Airlines. The travel experience as well as easy to change flight policy of Southwest Airline gives such a comfort and hassle-free trip to remember.  The tickets and itineraries provided are the best in its class. This post will help you with all you need to know of Southwest flights change fee policy, easy to schedule and reschedule the flight change and ticket change. Within 24 hours of purchase, everything is fully refundable. The airline offers you a possibility to change a flight within the 24-hour window without penalty.

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There is also detailed mention in this post how Southwest airline allow you to change or cancel a reservation anytime before flight time and get credit for the full amount of your fare which is applicable for future travel within a year of the original reservation.

Many people who travel a lot through air route of transportation can relate to the situation where one can get stuck in those unwanted scenes where you get to know from your flight partner that your travel plan is the amount to change because of certain delays in the flight, the uncertain factors of weather (thunderstorm, heavy rainfall). The date of travel is now needed to be changed. The policies from Southwest Flights make sure that all its passengers travel with no stress on their mind. Read below to find all necessary points and key factors in the Southwest Airlines change Flight policy.

How to cancel or change the ticket reservation from Southwest Airlines?

The flight and boarding tickets can now be changed without any hassle on Southwest Airlines Company as your travel partner.

The aim of Southwest flights is maximum flexibility and minimum stress. One can easily make changes to their flight reservation with Southwest. Before going for making any change to your travel plan, one must know and conform to the rules as mentioned in the Southwest Airline change flight policy. According to the policy, any client who has made a reservation with Southwest flights want to make changes to the travel plans like shifting the travel dates should:

•  Make sure to meet the deadline to make the change which is 1 hour prior to departure. In case you miss that deadline you’ll need to cancel your flight.

•   While making a change in your booking and there is a difference in the fare, you will be responsible for paying the difference if the price is higher. If fare price is low than at which the booking was made, then the difference in the amount can be reimbursed.

•  Southwest travel funds get expired after one year from being issued and you will have to take that flight within that one year time period.

Southwest Airlines Fares Type

The cancellation policy is under changed variation depending upon the type of reservation that was originally made by the client to Southwest Airlines. The different type of fares under Southwest are-

1. Wanna Get Away-   These are non-refundable fares but may be applied toward future travel for the originally ticketed passenger.  This fare can be canceled 2 hours prior departure but no refund will be initiated. One big condition of this type of fares is that if  client does not apply the fare to future travel within 1 year of the purchase date, then the fare and related fees will be expired automatically.

2. Anytime- This class has the same no-show policy and are fully refundable. So failure to cancel 10 minutes prior to taking off then amount of fare will also be converted into travel funds. The reservation under this type of fare can be canceled anytime before 2 hours prior to departure amounting to a full refund.

3. Business Select- This is also a fully refundable fare and can be canceled any time 2 hours prior to the departure. A full refund will then be credited.  This comes under the no-show policy stating that failure to cancel the booking within 10 min prior to scheduled departure can lead to forfeit in all the transactions of the refund to the passenger.

Note – Fare no. 2 & 3 can be canceled 2 hours prior to departure with a full refund. Also, fare no. 1 can be canceled 2 hours prior but future credit not refund. Southwest Airlines never charge any change fee in any fare type, just in case of the only difference in price.

About the Latest Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy 2020

 Southwest has easy to access websites which are very user friendly. opting for an online mode of communication seems to be a better option. If a customer still wishes to cancel or change the flight plan from offline mode, the can still do that.

Change in-flight plans through an online medium is detailed below:

Step 1- Login to your Southwest account from your web browser. Click the login button then enter your account number and passwords.

Step 2- Go to the main Southwest Airlines homepage and go into Cancel/change flight option

Step 3- Enter the confirmation number of the flight, first and last name of your reservation

Step4- Choose Change flight or Cancel flight, then hit the search button.

Step5- Search the flights for which you want to change. Review them, update the details like dates, name of the city for better pricing.

Step6- Select the “New flights” button and hit continue on the selected option.

Step7- Review the detail of the new flight, confirm the pricing, and click on purchase button to buy.

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