United Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy – United Flights is one of the best air carriers across North America.  When cancellation of air tickets is to be made, travellers may be eligible for partial to a full refund depending on the type of flight booked how the tickets were purchased. Many people travel across countries, varying destinations with aeroplanes. This post will tell you the Cancellation Policies of United Flights and how you can avoid paying charges on cancellation request for the airfares. This post will further navigate you to the cancellation policies and your eligibility to get a refund for the same.

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Granting all the wishes of safe and enjoyable air travel, United Airline aims to please all the passengers with its top-notch service and easy to comprehend reservation policies. From booking a reservation to a schedule change of travel plans, every single aspect for customer satisfaction is put into the Flight Cancellation Policies of United Airline.

United Airlines Flight 24-Hour Flexible Booking Policy

United Flights allows easy cancellation of tickets under 24 hours no restriction policy.  A person is eligible for a full refund of the fare if the flight is cancelled or changed within 24 hours of ticket reservation. Under this policy, you are also free to make changes to your flights within 24 hours of booking and not pay a change fee. Some of the measures applicable to 24 hours flexible booking policy are explained below-

• If tickets  are directly reserved and purchased from official website ‘united.com’ or airport ticket counter or by calling to United Customer Contact Centre

• In 24 hours’ time frame, tickets are purchased and reserved with United Airline.

• A refund from the cancelled or changed ticket is to be credited in the original form of payment. If United Airline gift certificate is used to purchase airfare then refund on cancellation of the ticket will be credited in form of electronic travel certificates only.

• If the ticket to be cancelled is one of the group tickets, then the terms given in the group contract are to be followed.

• While purchasing a ticket if using any e-certificates, then you are not eligible to cancel the ticket for a refund under 24-Hour Flexible Booking Policy of United Airlines.

• Tickets with reservation done but have not been purchased yet are not eligible for a refund on cancel and change of flight.

How to Cancel Flight on United Airlines?

Step 1- Log in to the account used for making a reservation with United Airlines by opening the United website and then navigate to “My Trips” option.

Step 2- Enter your details for retrieving information on the flight you wish to cancel.

Step 3- Upon selecting the ticket you want to cancel, select “Cancel Booking” option and confirm your choice on the message displayed on the next screen.

Step 4- After you hit “confirm” button, your booking will be officially cancelled, and refund process will start as per the type of ticket purchase and the fare booked.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Policies:

Firstly, all customers at United Flights are allowed to cancel the reservation within 24 hours of original reservation of flight, with being charged a cancellation fee, regardless of the fare selected.  Proven that the ticket was purchased a week or more before departure.

1. Basic Economy Tickets

Cancellation of a basic economy ticket is restricted on United Flights unless it is done within 24 hours from the time it was purchased and was purchased a week or more before the original date of flight departure.

2. Non-Refundable Tickets

A penalty will be imposed as a cancellation fee if the cancellation of ticket is requested after 24 hours from the original reservation of flight. You are then required to pay a $200 cancellation fee on domestic flights and up to $400 for international flights depending on fare class.

Upon payment of cancellation fee, you can then apply any unused value of your ticket for a future trip on United Airlines. The following condition is to be met. You must board the new flight with United within a year of cancellation of the original reservation and the original ticket was cancelled before departure of the first flight.

3. Refundable Tickets

As the name suggests, refundable tickets are allowed to be cancelled any time before the departure of the flight.  The refund will then be issued to the original form of payment. If it is a credit card, then refund is processed with 7 days. The refund amount will be reflected on the statement within 1-2 billing cycles.

4. Award Tickets

Cancellation policies of United Airline varies for the award tickets purchased as per the categories of customer.  The fee for cancelling any award ticket and to get miles to redeposit can vary depending on the customer status level with United Flights.

If you cancel your flight within 60 or fewer days before departure, the cancel fee is $125 for general members, $100 for Silver members, $75 Gold members, $50 for Platinum members, and $0 for 1K members. While cancelling flight on 61 day or more days before departure, the fee charged is $75 for general members, $50 for Silver members, $25 for Gold members, and $0 for Platinum and 1K members.

In case you are no-show for flight departure, you have to pay $125 to get the miles reinstated regardless of status level.

For same-day changes on award tickets, United Airline further charges a cancellation fee of $75 for Silver and general members. But for Elite members at the Gold level or above will have the fee waived.

Some Points in Refund policy of United Airlines

• Not every refund will be of the full amount, it will depend on many factors and conditions which United Airlines will examine and then return your refund accordingly.

• United Airlines refund policy will take 20 business days from the day refunds are requested except when credit cards are used to purchase airfare.

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